Image of Mark P. Frissora

Mark P. Frissora

Chief Executive Officer and President
Image of Eric Hession

Eric Hession

Chief Financial Officer
Image of Tim Donovan

Tim Donovan

Executive Vice President and General Counsel and Chief Regulatory and Compliance Officer
Image of Tom Jenkin

Tom Jenkin

Global President
Image of Bob Morse

Bob Morse

President of Hospitality
Image of Ruben Sigala

Ruben Sigala

Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
Image of Steven Tight

Steven Tight

President of International Development
Image of Mary Thomas

Mary Thomas

Executive Vice President of Human Resources
Image of Jan Jones Blackhurst

Jan Jones Blackhurst

Executive Vice President, Government Relations & Corporate Responsibility
Image of Richard Broome

Richard Broome

Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications
Image of Les Ottolenghi

Les Ottolenghi

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer